Top 5 Apps For Productivity in 2020


What are the Top 5 apps for productivity in 2019? Very good question.

Thanks to the advent of smartphones, a lot of things now take a shorter time than they would normally take because many things aren’t done in the manual way in which they were previously done. There are several apps that now help with productivity, but sadly many people just carry these expensive smartphones while utilizing less than 50% of the phone’s ability.

A smartphone is supposed to make you work smarter, and we’ll be letting you in on our top 5 apps that’ll raise your level of productivity.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the first on the list because it has one of the best synching systems ever. You can almost never miss an appointment as soon as you log it into your Google calendar. If there’s another thing we like the Google calendar for, it’s that you can always log in as many dates to note and as much reminders as you wish and guess what…. It won’t skip anyone or notify you of a clash of reminders.


Quality Time

Quality time is an app that helps you manage your phone usage. It can lock your phone without granting you access until the time you’ve imputed. It can also help you measure how much time you spend on your phone on a daily basis. Quality time is that app that’ll make you feel guilty for spending time pressing your phone instead of getting work done.

If you think you may be on the edge of addiction to your smartphone, then you need to go download Quality Time asap.

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Many people don’t know both the importance of and the full meaning of IFTTT, which is one of the oldest productivity apps you’d ever use. “If This Then That” is the full meaning of IFTTT and it simply works by making your phone do something if something else happens.’’

For instance, you could set your phone to go into silent mode if a call comes in between 11 am and 1 pm (which could be the time scheduled for your meeting). It’s a very interesting app that could easily save you the stress of having to perform several activities on your phone often.


Countdown Timer

If you’ve ever put something on fire and it got burnt, then you should be stripped of your smartphone. If you’ve ever intended to start something in say 20mins or 30mins and you forgot till the next an hour or two, your phone needs to be seized too. We need to know what exactly you use your countdown timer for.

In our everyday activity, it’s important to always set reminders for activities and as unimportant as your phone’s countdown timer may seem, it’s actually one of the top productivity apps on your phone. Set reminders and the alert tune to one of the loudest songs on your phone (louder than your ringtone), so if you fall asleep, the sound will still wake you up.


e-Reader Prestigio

There are several reading apps that get the job done, but e-Reader Prestigio is a multipurpose app that can ensure you’re constantly reading even on the go. The app can open several files including .pdf and .epub and you can utilize your daily commuting time soak up some pages.

Reading is a top productivity habit and e-Reader prestige ensures you don’t lag behind if all you have is your smartphone.


So, there you have it. Top 5 apps that made our list of productivity enhancers. We’ll like to know which of them you’ve used and which apps do you think we left out?

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