How To Stop Being Added To WhatsApp Groups


Have you ever slept, only to wake up to the realization you’re now in about 3 new WhatsApp groups? Adding people to several WhatsApp groups without their consent isn’t only not encouraging but also really uncool. What’s worse is that by the time you delete and exit from the group, your mobile number has been exposed.

Many people are currently prisoners in groups they don’t want to belong to; if only WhatsApp wouldn’t announce to everyone on the group that they’ve left the group. Worse still is the fact that some people have left groups and someone keeps adding them back. Can you imagine how extremely irritating and annoying that could be?

Now, WhatsApp rolled out an update and by the look of things, there’s finally a fix for that. The restriction comes in the form of a new setting that lets you choose who can add you to group chats – and thankfully, there’s also a way to put a stop to this nonsense entirely.

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The new Group Privacy settings option allows you to blacklist certain contacts from inviting you to groups while still allowing group invites from trusted sources. The Group Privacy Blacklist function replaces a previous option which prevented all users from automatically inviting you to groups with a new setting named “My contacts except…”.

Other WhatsApp users will be prompted to send you a private invitation through the individual chat, in cases where group invites are blocked; giving you the chance to join the group if you like… Or discard the invitation if you change your mind and would rather not join the said WhatsApp group.

To activate this new group setting, Go to Settings>>Account>>Privacy>>Groups and choose or prevent users from automatically adding you to groups without your permission. The feature is now available for both Android and iOS WhatsApp users worldwide. If you need a good reason to update your WhatsApp messenger to the latest version, then this feature is all the reason you need.

After updating your WhatsApp, you’ll have access to the feature and we really think this feature will come in handy to those who’ve been victims of finding themselves in jungles of WhatsApp group and shame wouldn’t allow them to leave. You may have a similar experience or not but even if you haven’t, you don’t have to wait until you activate this feature.

Prevention is better than cure and thanks to WhatsApp for finally allowing people using the app without the fear that they might wake up and find themselves in an array of groups they have nothing doing with or know nothing about.


Are you using the feature already? Tell us if you’re finding it helpful.

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