Secrets you need to know as a job seeker-Bright

Secrets you need to know as a job seeker
things you need to know as a job seeker
Things you ought to recognize as employment seeker
Their square measure secrets you wish to understand as employment seeker.

Sometimes, companies publish vacancies just for formalities.

Often time, they need an interior candidate in mind to fill the position.

So, when you apply for a job and the employer didn’t get back to you, one of the following factors is probably responsible for it.

Jobs are filled via networking.

85 per cent of all jobs are filled via networking and it’s better for applicants to be networkers than job seekers.
It’s easier for applicants to get a job through networking than applications.

Getting jobs in African country continues to be mostly through referrals.

When employers announce vacancies, they expect lots of candidates to apply for the positions so they can choose the applicants they considered fit for the job.

This is a minimum of it, that the impression the majority have concerning job postings and applications.

But it only takes grace to be among one or two persons that will come from external applicants.

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Recruiters already know who they’re going to hire

Sometimes, before employers throw a job posting open to applicants, they already know who they want to employ for the position. Announcing the vacancy is only meant to fulfil righteousness.

This is sometimes the case after you apply for employment Associate in Nursing you will never get invited for the interview.

Someone has already filled the position.

Discrimination exists

There’s a little question concerning this, even when employers try to downplay it.
In Nigeria, the HND-BSc certificate continues to be a difficulty.
This is a style of discrimination that’s supported the sort of degree you’re presenting for an employment application.

Apart from this, there are other forms of discrimination like age barrier, over-qualification and employment gap issues. These are some of the discriminatory practices among employers.

Most CVs go to the trash can unread

See, here’s the truth. Some employers don’t have the time to look at every job application they receive. And in a country like Nigeria, where the unemployment rate is high like a mountain, an employer may receive one thousand applications for just one opening.

If an organization assigns only 1 person to kind the applications, some would have to be ignored except the company uses Application Tracking Systems (ATS), even with that, the hiring
the manager would positively ignore different CVs and dump them within the ash-bin once he/she finds some candidates with spectacular CVs.

If there’s an impending layoff

If an organization is recessed and there is a concept to downsize, the management may decide to hire entry-level workers to fill some positions.
However, if the accomplishment is conducted before the closedown, the hiring manager in an exceedingly bid to guard the image of the corporate will not feel duty-bound to inform you concerning the impending layoff.

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