I deleted my social media accounts

i deleted my social media accounts
i deleted my social media accounts
i deleted my social media accounts
I deleted my social media accounts

I deleted my social media accounts. Social media has done more harm than good. I rather spend time online making money than wasting it on social handles.
Some people are built to break.

Others shrewdness to gather the items and construct.
Often I exist within the area between the 2.

Last year, I deleted Facebook.

A few weeks past, I retired my Instagram account.

Recently, I deleted my Twitter account, where I had nearly 8,000 followers.

Peers area unit attack as a result of United Nations agency deletes their social media?
Friends marvel however I’ll continue with them, and a lot of significantly, what will I do without Facebook alerting me of their birthdays?

Apparently, these are very important questions. The questions of our time.

A friend tells Maine I’ve isolated myself; what she doesn’t perceive is that the act of removing the social burdens we tend to bear is fucking liberating.


Maybe we must always raise ourselves: once did we tend to become lazy in our relationships?
When did we tend to begin hoping on platforms that own our data to try and do the work of spoken communication and connection?
When did it become unusual not have a social media account?

The idea that many saw my agony and didn’t seem to show enough concern to reach out was worse than the real cause of my sadness.

Because everybody loves a cheerful ending, a triumphant comeback story.
I’m sensible at victimisation language to disguise my wounds.
I’ve spent the larger a part of thirty-five years talking regarding however love and loss area unit flip sides of an equivalent coin.

The line between the two is indecipherable.

I printed 2 books regarding girls United Nations agency lived in an exceedingly constant state of dressing their wounds.
I write essays that area unit cryptic and poetic and other people clap and say, “damn that was pretty,” before they up and leave.


Depression is difficult for somebody like Maine who’s enthusiastic about management.
Once I feel I actually have my ill health worked out, it changes form.
Often, I exist within the area between being afraid of death and hospitable it.
I hate flying on planes and riding in quick cars, but I’ll warm to the weight of 30 or 40 pills in my hand before I slide them back

in the bottle.

Honestly, I’ve grown up uninterested in mensuration the depth of my reference to the planet supported however I used to be posting fastidiously curated and amended data regarding my life.
People lament the fakeness of social media in pursuit of the $64000, but they don’t actually want real.
More quality in posts suggests that higher follower counts; folks need to follow those that don’t share abundant negativity.
Funny however we tend to point out the plastic nature of social media as if it were a factor faraway from North American country.
As if social media we tend tore associate degree entity we didn’t actively form and participate in.
As if we tend to aren’t the folks perpetuating this false reality—regardless of whether or not we’re attentive to it.


I saw a post in an exceedingly hate forum a couple of friends I do know.
We area unit acquaintances United Nations agency share an exact level of intimacy as a result of we’ve courted death and might speak plainly regarding it.
We trade dangerous jokes regarding suicide and laugh as a result of it’s some way of the header, a way of setting down the weight that threatens to swallow us whole.
And the folks with their anonymous and clever usernames withdraw her as a result of however she handle seeking treatment for her ill health.
She wasn’t speculated to say something on social media—she wasn’t speculated to speak the least bit.
She was speculated to disappear and agitate it as a result of that’s however they’d have handled it.


People who aren’t sick would have North American country keep silent if that they had their method, and yet out of the other side of their mouths, they’ll prattle on about “breaking the
stigma” and wish that individuals that suffer would “get the assistance they have.” Their empathy chorus is hollow and grating because they believe a binary exists—you either want to die
or you don’t—and they see solely a singular method of handling mental disease.

Call the hotlines. Go offline. Seek therapy. Take your meds. Go to yoga. Collect crystals. Go on that juice diet everyone raves about. Or maybe keto? Be humble. Take your medicine. Don’t cry publicly. Don’t humiliate yourself. Tape your mouth shut. Swallow whatever voice you have left.

Don’t complain regarding the folks telling you to decide the hotlines.
Don’t get angry at the people that don’t grasp what to mention, as if any of us should settle for scraps.

Don’t let the healthy bear any of the weight of our sickness. Smile and speak in exclamation points! Use appropriate emojis.
Don’t make the healthy feel uncomfortable because of God-fucking-forbid.

But here’s the reality: Those people United Nations agency area unit insane area unit progressing to act insane as a result of we’re human and that we hurt within the worst method.
We aren’t progressing to build the simplest decisions or shrewdness to speak regarding our ill health publically as a result of we’re human.
And we’re forever existing beneath the burden of being schooled by those that aren’t sick on the way to behave.

They keep telling us how to live.
And, oh, do we have to behave.

I had simply recovered from associate degree attack, returned from urgent care, and was heavily medicated.
I talked regarding my stress in an exceedingly series of videos and whereas many my “friends” watched them, only three actually reached out.
The data that individuals saw my pain and didn’t appear to worry enough to succeed in out was worse than the particular reason behind my sadness.
A few weeks later, I did identical on Twitter and was at once humiliated.
I knew why I did it—I wished to open my mouth and scream however it felt as if no sound came out.
I didn’t need to die, but the hurt was so palpable and constant.
Our bodies are designed to handle solely most pain.

What happens with the overflow? Where does the pain go?

Are we have a tendency to forced to contain it till we have a tendency to shudder and burst?
A few kind friends followed up and that I was grateful for his or her love and friendly relationship.
Two reportable my posts to Twitter and I received a form letter about “reaching out” and “getting help” as if people who have depression don’t already know these things.
The irony was that I used to be reaching out, but apparently, my pain was too much for others to witness.
That letter was one more piece of adhesive tape appendant to my mouth.

Others unfollowed me and didn’t care at all.

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I have work to try to, but I’ve decided much of it is best done offline.

Friendships are tenuous and their upkeep is hard.

I got to know that people’s tolerance for sadness and depression emanates with a best-by date.


I’m in a very far better place currently as a result of I deleted all of my social media and determined to try to plenty of labour offline.
I’m keeping connected with the individuals I care regarding while not hopping on social Pine Tree Stated is to inform me of the goings-on in their lives.

Luckily, I don’t need social media for the kind of work I do, with the exception of possibly LinkedIn and my work accounts, all of which I’ll maintain for professional purposes.

However, I’m deciding to stay plenty of my personal life offline with the exception of sharing the occasional essay and chatting with my story subscribers.


The act of being vulnerable, egg-laying yourself out, is painful once the collective response is an associate uncomfortable silence.
We all got to be honest with what we have a tendency to tolerate versus what we are saying we have a tendency to tolerate.

Perhaps compassion has its limits.

Granted, I even have work to try to, however, I’ve determined abundant of it’s best done offline.

Right now, I’m not in danger.

I don’t need to die, however, I’ve wished to not exist.
I’ve wished to fall out of the frame, bend and recede.
I wished to mention those words aloud as a result of my body seems like instrumentation and there’s solely most pain I will take before I burst and break.
I want to feel less pain however that doesn’t essentially mean I’m uncapping prescription pills with abandon.


People with depression and mental state aren’t sideshow attractions here for your hair-petting and amusement.
If you don’t savvy to wear down somebody with depression, raise an expert.

Open a browser and Google it. Put in some effort.
We’re not here for your condescension.

We’re not here in grips a load of your myopic thinking, platitudes, and binary perception.
We are here for your kind gesture, mercy, and help.

Yet any signs of mental illness and snap let’s report those posts so the depressed are greeted by form emails with numbers to call and websites to visit. As if people don’t already fucking know.

As if such a large amount of folks don’t need to decide the numbers simply nonetheless, however, we have a tendency to simply need to be seen and pet and unburdened of our unfathomable unhappiness.

But snap let’s set off the five-alarm fires.

Snap—let’s treat you with the spectacle you’re, the “sick” person.

The “crazy” person.

Let’s say farewell our patronizing platitudes and you ought to reach out if you wish to facilitate however we have a tendency to shut you down once you reach out as a result of god forbid we feel uncomfortable.
God forbid we have a tendency to understand depression is additionally sophisticated than Twitter would have the U.S.A. believe.

I deleted my social media to solely concentrate on making money online just like am doing with istews.com

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