Christmas Holidays: Top 5 Tourist Attractions


The holidays are here and if there’s one thing that should be on top of your list, then it should be having fun in whatever activity you decide to major on, as the main holiday activity. For those who’d be deciding to become a tourist and travel during the holiday, we’ve gathered a list of someplace you might like to include in your touring list for your consideration. The year has been a hectic one; no doubt, but visiting some of these places would help you get your spirits up and have fun.

Some of these tourist attractions transcend just setting up a physical but also embody structures or places of natural and physical value. The historical significance they depict are of outstanding beauty capable of awing any eye. Nigeria may be shaded in the media but forget… There are places that show you the beauty of the land.

Here are our top 5.


Mambilla Plateau (Taraba State)

At a height that reaches 2,419 meters, Mambilla plateau is famous for having the highest peak in Nigeria. This fabulous natural location can be found in… guess where. Taraba State, right next to the Nigerian border with Cameroon. Mambilla Plateau has a really lush vegetation and some trees and plants that grow there can be considered exotic for Nigeria as a whole. Even the drive to the plateau could be a fun experience on its own, as the road is winding and bordered by cliffs.

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Olumo Rock (Ogun State)

Abeokuta isn’t far from Lagos and if you haven’t visited Olumo rock in Abeokuta before, then this would be a good time to. Olumo rock has been one of the choice of tourist attractions in Nigeria. History has it that Olumo Rock served as a rock of fortress for the people of Egba Land in the 19th century. Unusual trees, broken pathways, footprints on a rock, natural cantilevers and tunnels, gardens on the rock, monuments of the primeval settlers, and much more attractions, are the things you would be treated to.


Ikogosi Warm & Cold Spring (Ekiti State)

Ikogosi spring is one of the most peculiar spots, not just in Nigeria or Africa, but in the world at large. The small town of Ikogosi located in Ekiti state became famous because of this natural phenomenon. The spring is famous as a place where a cold spring meets a warm spring, but the two springs manage to somehow maintain their respective temperatures.

You should definitely go see it for yourself this holiday.


Ogbunike Caves (Anambra State)

Ogbunike caves is one of the most breathtaking places you’ll find in Nigeria. Located in Anambra State, the site consists of numerous caves. When visiting Ogbunike caves, as a visitor, you’ll have to take your shoes off before entering. This simply because the locals consider this location to have a deep spiritual significance. The cave system is strewn with streams, rivers and small lakes. If you’re a bat lover, you’ll definitely enjoy this place because it’s populated by bats in their thousands.

The area surrounding the caves is covered with thick rainforests. The whole site is absolutely fantastic and definitely worth the visit.


Those are our top 5 list of places to visit during this holiday. There are other spots you can possibly be interested in, if you make further research but visiting any of the above tourist spots would surely leave you with fond memories of the holiday. Let us know which ones you’ve visited and what the experience was.

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