Black Friday: 7 Ways To Make & Save Money


One thing everyone looks forward to in November is Black Friday. Yes, we know it also ushers in December, which is when everyone puts on their festivity hats. Don’t be surprised when we tell you that Black Friday is more important to some shoppers than anything else – Yes, that includes Christmas. No kidding.

That said, Black Friday is also a time when a lot of people also put on their financial restriction hats. This is simply to prevent them from going broke or bankrupt. It’s all fun and games until your card tells you “Insufficient Funds”. So, let’s show you how to make and save money during the Black Friday season.

Saving Money

Shop Recommended Stores

During the Black Friday period is not the time to test the authenticity of any store. If you don’t have any store to shop from, then ask for those that give real discounts on their items. Not the ones that pull smart moves on their customers.


Save Items To Cart

If it’s a site you frequently visit, then you can add your desired items to the cart. What this does it to save you from the stress of having to start scrambling several sections on Black Friday for the items you need. Of course, some might be sold out already by the time you’ll find them. Saving them in the cart saves you time and Black Friday heartbreak.

Buy All At Once

You don’t want to spend as much as you’ve spent on purchasing your desired items from an online store, on shipping them. How do you avoid this happening? Just order all your items at once and not in batches. For this, you might want to make a list and tick things off as you add them to cart.

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Making Money

Offer Black Friday Discounts

This is a no brainer. Right from the global November Black Friday deals, to the Christmas discounts sales. This season is all about offering deals and discounts to push more sales for your products or services.

Clearance Sales

With Black Friday comes a rise in purchase due to the end-of-the-year shopping and if you sell products, it’ll only be wise to start your “clearance sales” early and offer juicy deals that’ll definitely help you catch the attention of buyers.

Festivity Related Items

Another strategic way to make money during Black Friday is to put up festivity related items. Now isn’t the time to bother too much on “back to school” or “valentine” items. Your sales won’t be the same as someone focusing on festivity-related items like gift boxes, souvenirs, decors, etc.

Service Discount

If you don’t sell a product but offer a service, then remember that you can also enjoy the Black Friday season by offering discounts on your services. Not just “audio discounts” but real discounts. Leverage on the season to get that service you render known and warmed up to via offering discounts on your fees.


This actually, is a very imperative point. One of the times when giveaways form the strongest bait is during the Black Friday/Christmas season. On whatever scale your business can afford, run a giveaway (be strategic about it) and watch your sales rise.

In conclusion, Black Friday is an interesting time to purchase items and we hope the information above has helped to shed more light on a few tips and tricks from both the side of the buyer and the seller. Nothing beats spotting great deals even if you’re not a bargain hunter, and pouncing on them.


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