7 Sites To Check For Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is today and if you’re a bargain hunter, in other words, a Nigerian, you’d understand the reason for all the excitement. Every typical Nigerian knows how what it means to grab deals, offers, and discounts. At Online News Naija, we’re all about the helpful info and here we’re giving you the top 7 sites to check before others if you’re looking for a good Black Friday deal.

Founded in May 2012, Jumia is one of… If not even the most popular e-commerce store in Nigeria. We can easily refer to it as the Amazon or Alibaba of Nigeria. With a popularity that has gone well beyond the shores of Nigeria, it is rated by Alexa as the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria.

If you’re looking for Black Friday deals, yes, you can check Jumia. Be sure to scrutinize the prices though, as you’ll surely find a few “actually” discounted items on the site.

After the merger with Yudala, Konga has been having an on and off-season with both patronage and popularity. The name, however, is one that will still keep playing in the Nigerian e-commerce scene for a long time. Konga owns large strategically located in Key cities such as Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos, to ensure swift and efficient delivery.

They used to offer discounts and deals better than any other online store and we hope they won’t disappoint this year. You can check them out.

Slot is the dubbed the number one seller of phones and accessories in Nigeria. They are also an official retailer to several phone brands like Samsung, Infinix, Apple, Xiaomi, Tecno, and so many others. They’ve advertised their Black Friday deals and hopefully, their stores could be a good place to check.

If what you’re looking to get discounts on, is gadget and accessories, then Slot might just be a good place to check.

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Kara has one major selling point – It features a marketplace that allows merchants to sell their products independently. It is also visited by thousands of Nigerians on a daily. Black Friday may also see a surge in the site visits, due to its wide range of items, from Electronics and electrical products to fashion items. Even phones and accessories.

You might want to check it for a lucky Black Friday deal on several of the items they have for sale.

Launched in January 2010, Obiwezy has paid its dues and over time, has become the go-to site for gadget bargain hunters looking for quality products at not-so-hurtful prices. Pre-owned gadgets such as iPads, computers, accessories, smartwatches, smartphones, computers can be found at good prices.
When it comes to Black Friday deals, the site also offers to its customers, the opportunity to swap their used phones that are still in good condition, for a new one by adding cash to it. Another deal they offer is the opportunity to buy quality used phones with warranty support.

Ajebo Market
Slowly becoming a hub for shoppers for quality fashion items in Nigeria, Ajebo Market has handled its promotion really well. Founded in July 2013, the site is arguably one of the top fashion retail sites in Nigeria. Although it has a gender bias for men’s items, you’ll still find premium products on the site.

This is what makes it an ideal candidate for the Black Friday deals, on items like clothes, bags, shoes, watches, and so on. This black Friday is definitely a good time to fill up your cart with several discounted items on sale.

We won’t talk much about Jiji because it’s a classifieds site, but then it’s merchants’ store feature means buyers can go straight to the merchants’ store and grab any discount the seller might have up, for Black Friday sales.

It’s worth the try if any of the above-listed sites try to break your heart.

In conclusion, bear in mind that the discount season works better in other countries than it does in Nigeria. That’s a statement of fact, without any bias. That doesn’t, however, mean you can’t be lucky enough to grab yourself a deal here and there to make you happy.

Happy Shopping

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