5 Ways To Spot Fake Smartphones


The smartphone market is constantly being saturated with fake smartphones, especially in an environment where you can easily find unsuspecting smartphone enthusiasts. One begins to wonder if phone dealers are deliberately taking advantage of their customers because fake phones especially Android phones have become so rampant these days.


There’s really nothing bad in purchasing a fairly used phone, which is sometimes labeled as “London Used or UK Used Phones” but then, tech-empowered miscreants leverage on the fairly used phones market to disperse fake phones and have people pay the price (pun intended) for these phones. These prices are usually what the original fairly used one would normally go for.

This is one of the reasons why Computer Village; Lagos has become a dreaded place for many people who want to purchase smartphones and accessories and this is why we’ll like to expose to you, 7 ways to know if what you’re about to purchase is a fake smartphone. Keep reading.


1) Checking the IMEI number of a smartphone you’re about to get, on IMEI checking websites is one way to confirm if the device you’re getting is fake. If the phone is original, a search of its IMEI number should return the Phone’s model and year of manufacture. Another thing is that the IMEI would reveal the true name and details of the device. Google can easily come in handy on this one.

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2) Another quick way to suspect the originality of a phone is by testing its camera. It takes quite a lot of work to build a quality phone camera and it seems most fake phone manufacturers cannot replicate original cameras. The moment you see obvious noise in the shots taken, move your mental hands close to the “Panic” button. The picture quality of the fake would definitely be different from the original.


3) Always check for the phone’s specifications before you pay. The phone’s specifications and features are stated on hundreds of sites online and all you have to do is to compare them with the one you’re about buying. If even one thing is missing, it most likely means the phone is fake. Although be sure you’re not checking the “Lite” variant of a smartphone against its “Pro” variant online. The specs would definitely be different.


4) Misspellings are another way to detect if a phone is fake. Most phones with grammatical errors are fake. Check the phone grammar thoroughly and if you realize that the phone you’re about paying for, has misspellings, then you might need to carry out a quick double-check.


5) Applications & Connectivity

Most phones advertise a 4G LTE connectivity for their smartphones but of course, many fake phones won’t have the feature. They’ll only expect you to assume it’ll be there. So, it’s always nice to go along with your SIM Card. Try connecting and if you’re having unnecessary connectivity problems that others aren’t having; then the device might just be fake.


Buying a phone is a decision you shouldn’t be in a hurry to make. Always find time to make comparisons. We hope the above tips help you tremendously. Also, the best way to avoid buying a fake phone is to gather your money together and patronize a well-known smartphone retail store. When it comes to buying mobile devices, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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