5 Ways to Make Money On WhatsApp


It may be just WhatsApp to you; but to that Brazilian marketer who makes around $9,500 monthly, it’s way more than just WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a very underrated app and those who know that it’s actually a money-spinner are the ones making a killing from this app. We like to talk about the money and we’ll be showing you 5 ways to make money from WhatsApp.

Even in 2020, these methods would still be relevant. Ready to see what these ways are? Then let’s talk about money.


Promote Your Blog/Website/Channel

Some of your prospective subscribers are on your WhatsApp. What do you need to do? Draft a promotional copy (you might a professional to help you with UVP highlight & relatability), send it out and funnel leads. In other words, end your copy with a Call-To-Action and include links to the site or channel you want to direct them to.


WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business is one of the most underutilized and misused IM apps. If properly set up and managed, a biz could easily be making 5 figures just via this channel alone. People are actually doing it. When you see a link to join a WhatsApp TV, then the owner of that TV simply sets a WhatsApp for business app and once you start seeing their status, then you’ve joined their TV.

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Do you know something so well, you can teach it? Then you should consider organizing a WhatsApp training. This one is where the bulk of the money circulates around. There are few strategies to this but if you’ve ever paid to join a WhatsApp group, then you know the drill.

In 2020, a lot of training that used to be offline will be moved online as people become more and more aware of WhatsApp training.


WhatsApp Status

Did you know that people make purchase decisions based on something they saw on someone’s status? In fact, if you have a lot of people viewing your status, and can prove it like these WhatsApp TV’s, then there are brands willing to pay you to put up promotional content on your WhatsApp status.

This may sound funny but a lot of people are making money from Ad placements on these popular WhatsApp TV’s statuses, so why not you if you can show stats to prove that maybe over a thousand people view your status daily.


Targeted Referrals

This works better in groups. Picture this – You are an affiliate marketer for a health company and you intentionally joined 5 WhatsApp groups where health matters are being discussed. You can easily (but intelligently) turn these groups to cash cows.

Creating groups to publicize your links to the health product you recommend or joining groups where you have permission to post a link or market your product is what we’re referring to here.


So, we’ve been said it before and will say it again – come 2020, don’t see WhatsApp as just a chatting app. Others may see it that way, but not you. Remember to promote your business regularly via WhatsApp because if you don’t promote your business or service, your money would keep entering the pockets of those who do.


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