5 Tips An Affiliate Marketer Should Know


The process of a seller or retailer rewarding you for each visitor or customer brought by your efforts via referral, marketing or any other means to their site or store is referred to, as Affiliate Marketing. Once a website or brand promises to reward you (as an affiliate) for referring people to visit their site (not necessarily to make a purchase) then you’re an affiliate marketer and that’s one of the easiest ways people make money online at the moment.

So, let’s talk about 5 ways to market your affiliate marketing programs or product; shall we?



If you think mails are an obsolete way of promoting your affiliate products to make money online, then you’d have to think again. If you’re into affiliate marketing and you don’t have an active mailing list, then you need to wake up and get to work.

Information Marketers have active mailing lists; so why not you, as an affiliate marketer. Check online on how to build an active mailing list and nurture them as they’ll form an active client base. This could take time but be rest assured that it’s a better strategy than spamming people’s mails. This gets little to no result most times.

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Social Media

The use of social media as an affiliate marketer cannot be overemphasized. Nothing beats being able to market your products to millions of people using social media to keep in touch with what’s happening around them. Social media is a powerful marketing tool.

Instagram especially is leading the pack when it comes to social media conversion. If you can create a page on Facebook and link it to an Instagram account, then you can easily market your affiliate products to target audience who’re likely to patronize you.


Third-Party Ads

Yes, you can set up 3rd party ads for your affiliate products. In fact, clickbank used to help affiliate marketers set up third-party ads that can easily redirect their website visitors to the sites of these affiliate marketers.

If you find a website, a forum or any other digital platform that does well in terms of traffic and doesn’t have exorbitant ad rates, then why not. Use the ad platform and ensure you have tactics of converting prospects into customers.



Yes, blogging works all day long. If you’re selling an affiliate product that is health-related, it’s a smart move to ensure you have a health blog. Don’t get it twisted – Your blog is what should decide the affiliate product you sell and not the other way around.

If your blog is doing very well, with a fair amount of daily traffic, then it’s advisable you venture into affiliate marketing. You can easily be making huge bucks on the side, asides what you get from website Ads.


Forum Posting

Posting on forums is another surefire way to get your affiliate marketing game up. Ensure your affiliate product is one you have ample knowledge on and post regularly until you’re perceived as a thought leader in the said field.

Once that happens and people start consulting you and asking for your help, you can then refer them to your affiliate products.


Most of the points above are easier said than done but that doesn’t mean they can’t be done. If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you should deploy as many methods as possible to ensure your affiliate game is hot. Hope these points help.


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